The InDialogue symposium was designed in 2012 to bring together emerging and established artists and academics from a number of disciplines. InDialogue was created to provide a supportive environment for artists and researchers to interrogate how they use dialogue in their practice. It is a biannual event that is truly international and has created a unique opportunity for networking with like-minded practitioners, to disseminate research, and, to promote art practice as a form and method of research. InDialogue contributes to many of the current international debates regarding dialogic practice and research. Co-founders Heather Connelly and Rhiannon Jones believe that It is imperative that shared platforms for artists and researchers to come together and be in dialogue with each other is essential to maintain the artisan spirit of generosity, sharing and testing of new found knowledge’s and inspire conversations through creative curation. Co-founders, Heather Connelly & Rhiannon Jones, 2014.

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