Kelly + Jones collaborative solo exhibition

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Material: Photography, video, sculpture, drawing.

Traci Kelly and Rhiannon Jones’ exhibition presents writing as dynamic visual and lived encounter grounded in phenomenological and post-feminist perspectives. It focuses on the visceral and subjective production of the writerly and resists the hierarchy of decipherable text. The artists predominantly employ performance and performativity as a temporal mode of making works, which span video, installation, photography, sculpture and artefacts and explore writing as object, writing as materiality, the process of writing through the body and the subject invention inherent in writing a subject into being. Works offer partial glimpses into the material world of the human and non-human body (chalk deposits from past marine life), and their relationship to writing/language. The works exist in the interstice of documentation, artwork and survey with their unsettled status placing value on the unknowing within visual culture and research-creation. The exhibition responds to The Glass Tank as a metaphorical aquarium, holding the remnants of past marine life in the materiality of chalk whilst creating a living ecology of research.

Exhibited: The Glass Tank, UK 2020

Funded: University of Derby

Photo credits: Install views Trevor Jones, details Kelly + Jones