wonderland_logoWonderland in partnership with New Art Exchange and was supported by Nottingham City Council, Synapse Arts and Chromatic Cultures.
Wonderland was launched at New Art Exchange 17 July 2013 with a specially developed session that considers the impact of modern day life.The public’s voice and ideas were used to provoke a series of  events over the duration of 15 months hosted at New Art Exchange to discuss issues that need to be had, from war to politics to Social Cohesion and Restorative Justice. Wonderland: Investing in every part of our diverse heritage and community.

The large scale community engaged project embraces learning and participation through the creative arts.
Orchestrated by Rhiannon Jones, audience participation was at the heart of all the public events.

Key members of the public took part from a wide range of local communities, police force, social workers, academics, refugee organisation, local politicians, local resident and tenants group members, charity organisations, international community representatives, artists, residents, students and writers.

Wonderland delivered a series of 90 workshops for diverse community and social groups from across Nottingham city and county.

It directly engaged with over 1500 members of the public who attended a range of workshops, live vocal events and pop up exhibitions hosted across the city of Nottingham. These voices and ideas were used to provoke a series of VOCAL events  hosted at New Art Exchange to discuss issues that need to be had, from war to politics to Social Cohesion and Restorative Justice.
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The large scale community engaged project embraces learning and participation through the creative arts, hosted by NAE until summer 2014. Wonderland commissioned  3 artist residences  and other training opportunities for emerging artists and graduates.
There was a public exhibition of work at Bromley House in 2014.
Permanent totem pole sculptures have been installed across the Meadows area in the city.
Creative director and artist Rhiannon jones worked in partnership with creative director and curator Saira Lloyd.
The hopes and dreams of Nottingham’s many voices were gathered, discussed and this project stimulated different perspectives through participation and engagement. Rhiannon said a key aspect to the project’s success was its inclusiveness.“Everyone’s voice matters and can be shared through participating in workshops, vocal events, and large exhibition in summer 2014 at NAE. The project aims to bring people together who care about the impact of modern-day on the people from Nottingham and to give time for everyone to reflect and come together through art to share hopes and aspirations for the future.”
Having an honest discussion that challenges us to understand and rethink society in a safe place is an important moment.“As an art space we would encourage creative interventions including debates from diverse communities in order to stimulate new art that transcends and produces knowledge and understanding to create a better place for future generations,” Chief Executive, New Art Exchange, Skinder Hundal

Thank you to:-

Professor Tom Fisher  Nottingham Trent University
Tony Bates Fast Graphics
Pat Thomas New Meadows Tenants and Residents Association
Dr Martha Glazzard, Nottingham Trent University
Matthew Chesney Director Backlit
Andrea Hadley-Johnson Derby Museum & Art Gallery curator.
Cathy McArdle Chief Operating Officer Nottingham Creative Quarter
Nigel Hawkins Head of Culture and Libraries Nottingham City Council
Sharon Scaniglia Arts Officer, Nottingham City Council,
Sukhy Johal, MBE Lead Business Consultant
Alessandra Wayman HOST Nottingham
Crafty Sparrow
Nicola Rae Bromley House Gallery
Becky Matter Artist
Professor Terry Shave, Nottingham Trent University
Chris Lewis-Jones, Artists
Stella CouloutbanisCo – Director at Wash Arts
Becky Beinart, PRIMARY
Carol Jones Nottingham Trent University
Bo Olawoye Learning Curator
Cllr Merlita Bryan Lord Mayor of Nottingham
Patricia Barbadillo-Timms Spanish speaking parent
Katya Lamb Home school parent
Carol Luckwell School for Parents
RachelGarrett Springbank Primary School
Pat Thomas Secretary New Meadows Tenants and Residents Association
Shad Ali Community Activist
Nick Hayes Reader in Urban History, Nottingham Trent University
Skinder Hundal CEO New Art Exchange
Dominic Corder Managing Director IODWonderland was the creative design of Rhiannon Jones delivered in partnership with Saira Lloyd of Synapse Arts and New Art Exchange. 

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