S.H.E.D. Tour

S.H.E.D on tour 2019: 
PRIMARY, S.H.E.D partners, launch day 28th Jan
FORMAT, University of Derby, Markeaton Street 15th March – 14th April
S.H.E.D Cumulus, Paper presentation, Resilience and Intelligence, University of Lapland 29th May – 1 June
This is Derby, 13th July
Departure Lounge, 18 – 21st July 2019
InDialogue, 19th – 21st November 2019
S.H.E.D on tour 2020:
Dates soon to be announced!
S.H.E.D friends: In Good Company, Derby Theatre, University of Derby, Primary  Nottingham, InDialogue, Derby City Council.
Big thanks to University of Derby Interior Design students who have been working on the designs with team S.H.E.D.