InDialogue is a platform for International artists and researchers to interrogate how they use dialogue in practice. Founded by Heather Connelly and Rhiannon Jones in 2012. In 2014 its second iteration was curated by founders Heather Connelly and Rhiannon Jones with guest curator Becky Beinart. Heather and Rhiannon are working on InDialogue 2016 at Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange 1st and 2nd December 2016. Visit InDialogue website for more information.

In Dialogue is a series of interdisciplinary events including presentations, discussions, communal meals, open mic sessions, live music and performance/live art showcases that take place across the city of Nottingham. Our aim is to create a dialogue between the different applications and understandings of the term In Dialogue, considering differences, commonalities, and how diverse approaches to understanding and articulating the theme can lead to new ways of thinking and making.

Rhiannon Jones in conversation with keynote speaker Professor Grant Kester, filmed lived at Nottingham Contemporary,2014.


  • Dialogue as knowledge and production
  • Dialogue as artistic and curatorial process
  • Interactive and collaborative dialogic practice
  • Dialogic bodies: haptic communication, gestures and exchange
  • Dialogue as an embodied methodology
  • Motivations for participatory & dialogical practice locally situated
  • Agendas of institutions in promoting engagement
  • Reflections on power relations and how collective practice is authored.InDialogue_cyborg
  • Translation as dialogue and intercultural communication. 

The event has been archived at InDialogue 2014, where you will find images, bios and live footage from the symposia. As well as Documentation

Visit In Dialogue 2012 to watch live footage from Nottingham Contemporary and read more about this symposium.

DVD 5 InDialogue

InDialogue the only platform I know of that provides a space for substantive international exchange on issues associated with dialogue, across the boundaries of visual art, theatre and performance studies. It provides a rare opportunity for researchers and artists in all of these disciplines to learn from each other and does a great deal to advance the critical conversation in this burgeoning field. As dialogue and participation become ever more central methods across the arts and humanities events like InDialogue will only become more important. Grant Kester, 2015

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