S.H.E.D. Artists & Partners

University of Derby Staff
Karen Winfield (staff)
Barend Slabbert (staff – joining the afternoon)
Giovanna di Monte (staff – joining the afternoon with me)
University of Derby Students
Interior Design
Barbara Druzdzel
Jack Elsom
Tiffany Clark
Eve Forsdick
Rubben Nkung
Jordan Paul
Media Production
Kris Neimanis
Veronika Gazdova
Rhiannon Jones, Artistic director S.H.E.D
Victoria Barker, Evaluator S.H.E.D
Claire Percival, Marketing and graphic designer S.H.E.D
Simon Burrows, Master builder and photographic documentation S.H.E.D
Michael Pinchbeck, Dramaturg S.H.E.D
Derby City Council, S.H.E.D friend
Primary Studios, Nottingham, S.H.E.D friend
In Good Company, Ben Anderson, Producer commissioner of S.H.E.D on tour to Departure Lounge Festival 2019.
Chiara Dellerba, Artcore, Programme Manager. Independentartist & curator and co-founder of  a domestic art space (my home), called FLAT5.
InDialogue, Dr Heather Connelly, co founder and curator and commissioner of S.H.E.D for InDialogue2019.
CVAN EM Director, Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham, S.H.E.D friend
This is Derby
If you would like to propose an activity, intervention, residency, or use for S.H.E.D. then please contact us we would love to hear from you!