S.H.E.D. is a…

Welcome to S.H.E.D – the Social Higher Education Depot.
An old garden shed has been transformed into a mobile arts commissioning venue and public space, to create an alternative site for artistic practice.
Once a space for storage, it has now been transformed into a place for conversation.
S.H.E.D bridges the gap between the arts and higher education. cultural venues and public PROVIDERS   collaborate and co-create with S.H.E.D.
It is a space that invites action through socially, politically and culturally charged practice.
It has multiple configurations so that can be reconfigured fit for purpose.
S.H.E.D will start touring summer 2019. 
S.H.E.D  is a transformative space seeking ways to reconfigure dialogue. It is a social, collaborative and generative space for sharing knowledge.


Designed to
promote social mobility and tackle inequality
support co-creation within design and creative arts practice
invest in real issues and subject matters that people want to discuss
develop relationships between H.E, Industry and Creative Cultural Organisations
enrich and nurture collaborative approaches to artistic research
be co-designed with partners, users, commissions, communities, public
provide a long-term commitment and investment in people
support artistic development, public mobility and cohesion
will be a diverse, accessible, and a customised space
operate in line with the cultural ambitions for the city of Derby
putting the A back into STEM
be a transformative space, both in its innovative design and for conversation.


Working with Industry and University professionals S.H.E.D will start to tour national, visiting local neighbourhoods, street corners, cultural venues and festivals. It will feed into the cultural ambitions for city of Derby and beyond.
If you would like to be a friend of S.H.E.D please contact S.H.E.D H.Q